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Some Posting Rules

Please respect the headings in the Adverts section. All Items in for sale must have a price, only wanted adds in Wanted and so on. Any deviation from the above may result in your post being moved or simply deleted.

Add e-mails or telephone numbers in to your posts or threads if you wish however there is no need for telephone numbers or private e-mail addresses.. You can download skype on line and place it into your profile here within the forum should someone wish to discuss a deal they can contact you via skype hence your home number / mobile is further protected ..Admin warns that should you ignore this advice you add the above in to your threads or posts at your own risk...

The right to return policy is a new rule here at radio classifieds!..

What this rule means is that if any item sold / swapped or sent via postal service arrives damaged because of inadequate packaging then the buyer or receiver of such a package has the right to return policy and such has the right to ask for a full refund ..

Common Sense Rules...

No item should be sent without insurance . Always insure your items no matter how much or how small they are, make sure you are fully covered..

All items should be sent recorded delivery, that also goes for payments via cheques cash or other wise . This serves as payment received in full should something go wrong.

No item should be sent inadequately packaged. It is your responsibility as a seller to make sure that all items you sell swap or exchanged are packaged correctly for the item being posted.

No item should be sent knowingly missed described .Scratches marks dings faults etc must be described correctly.

No item ever should be sent Knowingly damaged after being sold as good working order .This is fraudulent and will lead to an instant ban.

Cheques can take a long time to clear, if you send a cheque be patient with the seller.

Digital cameras are plentiful and cheap, before opening the package you just received consider taking a photograph of it to show if it was marked "fragile", had damaged corners, etc. If the contents are damaged, photograph as much of the item and the packing material as you can, it could prove very useful in a claim.

Please think about it if you were to receive a package damaged what view would you have of that seller????..

Please use a little common sense when sending items via the postal service It is your responsibility as a amateur trader to make sure that your item is adequately packaged for the journey at hand...

Failing to do this would mean your name appearing in the name and shame section even after the full refund and possibly negative feedback being posted or in worse cases an permanent ban ....

When advertising in any section it is important to know the following..

It is the registered members responsibility to check there adverts do comply & meet the website rules .. Also if you are advertising on behalf of someone else ie ( None Member ) which is not permitted ... Then you as the member & the advertiser are responsible for that advert & its possible contents & outcome .. Also if you allow any other Member or ( None Member ) which is not permitted, to use your user name or password to gain access to these boards to advertise in any of the sections, again it is you as the member to whom is responsible for such material & are answerable for the comments or contents & finally the outcome..

Do not use bad language, and do try to be civil. There is enough aggression on the air without carrying it over onto the Internet. Consider, anything you type on the Internet may potentially exist forever. If you couldn't bear to hear it read out on the Nine O'clock News, don't say it.

Thanks Again From Admin Team .. :)
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