If you would like to become a member of RadioClassifieds just fill out the form below and an Administrator will deal with your Application as soon as they can and will contact you should they need futher details from you.

only Licensed Radio amateurs are allowed on RadioClassifieds and if you are not Licensed then we are sorry but you will not be allowed to join the forum.

in the form below we ask you for your name and callsign but also your location but you do not have to give us you full address just location like (liverpool) or (london) we also ask you for a password you want to use to log into the site but this can be changed by you when you are logged into the site.

you are also asked if you are not on a callsign database if you could provide us with proof that you are licensed but please note anything you send us will not be kept and will be deleted once we have loooked at it

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